In OVNI Archive (UFO Archive, 2007-2013), Rosell Meseguer devotes herself to the thought processes, as dark as they are phantasmatic, that shape the world of espionage. Here she links up, according to her own cognitive criteria, the period of the Second World War and the Cold War with the secret service world of the present day. The archive consists of a collection assembled by Meseguer of photographs, newspaper cuttings, books and similar materials that lead like clues into an unfathomable world of political thought. The archive´s branching groupings and connections are reminiscent of Aby Warburg´s Mnemosyne Atlas, with Meseguer following the mysterious traces of the secret service underground like a psycho-historian.

Jürgen Tabor

Curator of the Vergangenes Begehren/Past Desire show, text taken from the catalogue of the show. Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria, 15-10-2011/04-12-2011