Demande de consultation

Poetic concessions about Paris

Rosell Meseguer


Demande de consultation, comes from the short title in the cards which were filled by the researchers at the Kandinsky library, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, in order to get into the documentary sources.Ask for a book, open it, look at it… We could maybe find there the answers to the research voyage.

In order to talk about France, I had to start from these Demande de consultation cards. Reach the centre of the Hexagone, reach Paris, where I could break the traditional schema and the typical ideas shown at images and stories of the French capital. So, where is the other city? as an answer we have the outskirts, la banlieue, with its problems and its discomfort feelings, le malaise des banlieues. Other unknown centres, not usually related to the capital, where other cities are living: the subterranean ones, as the underground and the sewer system; the artificial nature ones, les Buttes Chaumont, the romantic park, built from nowhere by Napoleon III´s engineers; La Défense, the business city with its leaving rooms for yuppies; the unknown one, which remains us about another one and so on.

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