Mc City-Real Estates/Levels 2010-2014

The project was commissioned for LUGARES DE TRANSITO 2010-2011/Created by Gean Moreno, Eneas Bernal & Marta Soul

MC City is the unexpected and speculative construction of the city, in this case, Miami opposed but also in association with the construction of the European city, giving visibility to the excess against the invisible -speculation, desire and capitalist market mode-. The project is based on the creation of local files from the Miami newspaper: The Miami Herald in dialogue with Spanish newspapers. The project was born from the invitation to carry out the Real Estates/Levels project with Haitian, Miami based artist Adler Guerrier, and curated by Gean Moreno, Eneas Bernal and Marta Soul for Lugares de Tránsito with the support of ACE and CCE in Miami.