Manifesta 8 MOCHA Island The Mocha Sessions, 2010-2014

The project was commissioned for MANIFESTA8 Región de Murcia, 2010-2011/

Curated by Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF) & Yolanda Riquelme

The project is currently in process


The project develops the concept of building a file, infinite and in process. Mocha Island is an updated file -a reinvented one- in dialogue with the original MOCHA file from the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art in New York, currently closed. A research, in catalogues and current documents, about Latin American artists that showed their work at MOCHA and are part of the original file as Jaar or Dittborn, has been developed. In this way a dialogue between the original file -including these artists- and a new file, also including them, has been made. The installation of the archive shows both files, the original one and the one built by the artist herself, including Afro-American art and allusions to folklore, in relation to Mocha Island, an island in the Pacific, belonging to the indigenous Chilean Mapuche culture, a metaphor of dualities in a dialogue between art and Folklore; conceptual and popular culture.

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